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The Stanker Corporation is a Stuckey Anderson new millennial company. The Stanker Corporation was formed by Maurice DeFalco Stuckey and Joyce Fay Anderson to be the parent company to hold the Stuckey Anderson’s assets and majority interests in other Stuckey Anderson businesses; such as, Today’s Youth, LLC, iBILLED and DeFalco Media Factory, LLC.

Any questions or concerns relative to Stanker Corporation; The Stanker Restroom Finder Mobile App; iBILLED; DeFalco Media Factory and/or any projects thereof; i.e., Children’s Picture Books: Never Give a Bunny a Haircut; Never Take Mister Teddy to School; Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken; Films: Short Films: Finders Keepers Avocado Green; Internet Comedy Podcast: Some Guys and The Babe! etc.

Any potential future projects with DeFalco Media Factory, LLC or any of the foregoing Stuckey Anderson Companies should be directed to the Stanker Corporation for consideration. “Drop-ins” and “Unsolicited” will not be considered, so do not start out by setting yourself up for failure. Please, do the following:

Film Projects: Please submit a typed screenplay, including typed set, direction and marketing concepts;
Music Projects: Please submit radio-ready songs (in an acceptable medium, along with typed video and marketing concepts; and Apps and/or Gaming Projects: Please submit demos along with typed marketing concepts.

The Stanker Corporation is always looking to bring more, and we not only financially invest in our artists, but work diligently with them to bring a new sound, new vibe, and new message and experience to the world. We strive to surpass the short and long-term goals carefully, devised for the success of each of our companies, as well as their business partners. Once you become one of our contracted artists, you are our business partner.

We welcome you, but we do not welcome to try. We welcome you to invest in yourself and your future. You must commit to the challenges and struggles that are, indeed, business. Best.

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