DeFalco Media Factory

DeFalco Media Factory is a multimedia company for the people, consisting of a collaboration of entertainment industry professionals brought together by the collective goal of revolutionizing the business of multimedia entertainment and the practices of traditional multimedia companies.

At the DeFalco Media Factory, we believe that multimedia belongs in the atmosphere, so that living beings can thrive. We believe there must be a place where talent can come together to meld, vibe, and grow. We believe that in the conventional sense of authors, illustrators, directors, executive producers, songwriters, artists and producers to multimedia companies, the percentages of profit have been unfair since the beginning of the entertainment business and that is a long, long time. DeFalco Media Factory believes that making the best multimedia is a combination of talent, creativity, hard work and passion, and artists should be paid for every bit of that. Always plentiful is talent, so no artist, talented enough to make the cut should ever wind up shelved just to give a multimedia company an easier way out of a deal.

DeFalco Media Factory forms partnerships with authors, illustrators, directors, executive producers, songwriters, artists and producers based upon the time, creativity and talent invested. With integrity and without hindsight The Factory operates while hearing our own promises. We work for our people, and our people work for a final product worthy of their fans, so we strive to ensure honest and lasting relationships amongst all.

Finders Keepers | Avocado Green is a short film written by Rivka Simons for DeFalco Music Factory, Executive Producers: Maurice DeFalco Stuckey & Rivka Simons, Word Workers; and Dir. of Cinematography: Robert “Bobby Digital” Perry collaborates together to bring this retro short film based upon a 60’s childhood memory of life in the Northern Territory of rural New Hampshire to YouTube and to the public.

Finders Keepers | Avocado Green

This is a short film which depicts the story of a vengeful plot by a younger sibling sister, Beam, hellbent on a mission to get back at her big sister for tattling on her. Beam is prepubescent, shy and awkward; while her elder sister is the lovely, vibrant teenager, Patricia. Patricia or “Pat” is a young beautiful girl, trying too hard – as most young girls do – to pass into womanhood overnight. Patricia uses tattling as an act of maturity, and attempts to pass off her tattling as concern for her little sister’s wellbeing; however, takes pleasure in getting Beam in trouble.

Beam seeks revenge, and her weapon of choice is a misrouted limited edition, Avocado Green crayon. As the title implies, Beam finds and keeps the Avocado Green crayon, uses Avocado Green as an instrument of war. …and so, the battle of sibling rivalry begins.

DeFalco Media Factory Multimedia Sample:

This Ain’t Your Mama Weave – Sephora Lys