Some Guys and The Babe

Some Guys and The Babe!

Variety Show Comedy Podcast

“Some Guys and The Babe” is a comedy podcast variety talk show distributed by YouTube; Google Play; iTunes;Stitcher; and; among other digital social media platforms.  Some Guys and The Babe is a weekly variety talk show produced by Maurice DeFalco Stuckey that not only asks the questions of day, but from the perspective of the average person on the street – at least if those streets are in Hartford, CT.

What is unique about Some Guys and The Babe is that the show conveys no political, religious or any other social ideology of its own.  The only true platform Some Guys and The Babe has is the stage on the set; and the only real cause,to quote Host, Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, is“because we don’t have a damn thing better to do”.

Some Guys and The Babe the variety talk show asks questions for the common person, and better – through YouTube, Google Play, iTunes and other social media – getsdown to the nitty gritty that the everyday person on the street wonders about and getsdown to the answers.

Cast – Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, Maria Nanez and Some Guy

Maurice DeFalco Stuckey as The Host

Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, originally from South Carolina and a residentof the Greater Hartford area (a nice way of saying ‘big house in the suburbs’) has been working in the Entertainment Industry since the early 90s; originally as the manager of The Gablz, an R&B group signed to Warner Bros. Records during the 90s.  He has judged talent contests, produced short films and music videos, and personally performed voiceovers for radio and internet advertising.  He is hands-on in all areas of production. Maurice DeFalco Stuckey is not only a boss, but ‘the boss’.At the same time, Maurice DeFalco Stuckey is incredibly open to new concepts andvery verbal about embracing or rejecting (as he pleases) a multitude of those more commonly known.

Maria I. Nanez as The Babe

Born in Quezon City, in the Philippines, and The Babe moved to the Hartford, CT area as a child. As an adult, The Babe worked briefly as a model. This is The Babe’s debut in the variety talk show digital podcast world. Tiny, but feisty, The Babe possesses more than her share of self-confidence, haughtiness and opinions which makes her – all by herself – hilarious. The Babe takes great pleasure in expressing her contention to other people’s remarks and opinions; and somehow, innocently believes that she is “nice”. Most people love The Babe, but everybody fears her.

Some Guy

Some Guy was naked in a crate in an Illinois warehouse, until shipped to Hartford, Connecticut where Artist/Sculptor, Richard Rodriguez got ahold of him, and transformed him into the inquisitive, personable and lively gent he is today. Some Guy is a male adult mannequin with tremendous personality, and now due to Dr. Frankenstein… …uh… artist, Richard Rodriguez, fully-posable. Some Guy has full mobility and a breadth of skills; however, Some Guy remains in a constant state of wonder, and more than once an episode, Some Guy will have a question – literally in his gaping mouth.  The Babe is in her words, ‘creeped out’ over Some Guy and as the podcast spokesmodel/announcer, she must interact with Host, Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, Some Guy and the Guests whether she wants to or not.

Best Comedy Podcast

The Babe on the Street in the Heartbeat

Hartford, Connecticut is an unspoiled, virgin territory for Best Variety Show Podcasts and this comedy variety talk show is 100% shot and produced outof Hartford, CT. A comedy variety talk show is designed to be entertainingbut combine that premise with the Hartford, Connecticut City Nightlife and The Babe out on the street right in “the Heartbeat”, and entertainment does not begin to describe or predict what happens next. The Babe on the Street in the Heartbeat is a sequence aired once every episode.

What the Fuh?

Is a video sequence that airs in every episode; it shares those viewer videos that make Some Guys and The Babe look at each other and ask, “What the Fuh?” Come join the fun and perhaps you will learn something in the process.  Sure – it’s just best comedy podcast; it is just another variety talk show, but it’s in Hartford – Hartford, CT.

Executive Producers:  Maurice DeFalco Stuckey & Joyce F. Anderson, DeFalco Media Factory – Stanker Corporation

Producer:                       Maurice DeFalco Stuckey

Associate Producer:    Rivka Simons

Writers:                           Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, Rivka Simons

Artwork:                         Richard Rodriguez

Set Design:                     Richard Rodriguez, Maurice DeFalco Stuckey