Clorox® Total 360® System Electrostatic Sprayer

The current pandemic situation has forced everyone to think about living in a sanitized environment. This is why there is a need for a sprayer with disinfectant and sanitizing solutions that can help your house keep clean and away from germs. Clorox ® Total 360® system electrostatic sprayer provides the best treatment system for all kinds of surfaces. This comes with a disinfectant and sanitizing solution. The Clorox solution can reach places where it is hard to reach. 

Know All About the Clorox Total 360

The Clorox Total 360 is widely used in schools, colleges, ambulances, hotels, public restrooms, airports, etc. It is very cost-effective and saves time in disinfecting the area. It uses limited solutions and saves time, labor, and also money. The system also provides full uniform coverage of the surface where it is being used. It reaches the places where you are not otherwise able to reach or see. 

The Clorox Total 360 comes with Clorox solutions that are approved and are available for replacement. The electrostatic system attracts the surface with a force that is stronger and hence, the solution is uniformly spread across the surface. The electrostatic sprayer is so strong that it eliminates different odors and kills viruses that are harmful to your health. The sprayer is easy to use and faster to spray the solutions. 

Advantages of Using a Clorox Total 360

One of the biggest advantages of using a system is that it has a nozzle design to uniformly wraparound coverage and is also highly atomized. The air compressor is quite powerful that enables efficient and fast delivery of particles that are charged and targeted at the surfaces. This means that it covers a wider surface in a very short period of time. 

It is also very reliable as it is corded you can be assured that it is safely grounded. There is no variation in the performance of the system and also the life of the battery. The sprayer is very effective for larger spaces and is designed in a manner that is easy to use and handle. It is also very light and reduces fatigue.

How to Use the Electrostatic Sprayer?

When you are using the electrostatic sprayer, ensure that you remove all the papers and paper products in and around the area where it is to be used. Also, make sure that you wear PPE and also ensure that people around you are also wearing it. You should also make sure that you clear the area from grease or oil before using the spray. 

The Clorox Total 360 system electrostatic sprayer is very useful and helpful to keep your surface clean from germs and other viruses.