“Never Give a Bunny a Haircut” (Book 1)

“Never Give a Bunny a Haircut” is book one of The Never Stories available on Amazon, featuring the adventures of reoccurring characters and BFFs, Carl and Jessica.


Book One – addresses those inevitable instances when parents impose tasks that -for whatever reason – children just do not want to do. The book shows that how going along with the right attitude makes the task more pleasant. This book introduces readers to reoccurring characters, Carl & Jessica, as well as the hair grooming/barber salon experience. In Never Give a Bunny a Haircut, the groomers make light of their clients’ mutual distaste for getting their hair groomed, and manage to distract them with bits of salon cotton in an unexpected way. The children learn the fun of brainstorming while using vivid imaginations in a friendly competition. Along the way, Carl & Jessica learn about the important difference between tools and toys.

Never Give a Bunny a Haircut is a children’s picture book written by Rivka Simons & Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, and illustrated by artist phenomenon, Richard Rodriguez This children’s picture book series is based upon the most important lessons every parent, grandparent and caregiver should try to teach their children in order to guide the child through life, and successfully interact with society. The books were designed as playful and colorful ways to introduce children to our world in a manner which is nonthreatening, yet, thought provoking with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Each book features characters which will strike a chord of recognition from a cross-section of society.