“Never Take Mister Teddy to School (Book 2)

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Never Take Mister Teddy to School is book 2 of The Never Stories available on Amazon, written by Rivka Simons and Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, illustrated by Richard Rodriguez, is a delightful tool which parents, caregivers and educators can use to familiarize children with the experience of the first day of school.

Never Take Mister Teddy to School is a Children’s Book available on Amazon depicting reoccurring character, Jessica, who is opposed to walking to school with Carl while he is carrying his teddy bear to school. Jessica, in the eye of what she fears to be a judgmental public, believes her best friend, Carl, to be on a mission to get them picked on for the rest of the year.  Controversy and opinions ensue, and Carl is challenged by his mother, into using his own decision-making skills to choose whether it is better to bring his teddy bear into the school, or send Mister Teddy home.  The walk to school, through the neighborhood, is fun and adventurous.  From her father’s teachings, Jessica learns what it means to be a best friend.  Everyone else encountered along the way either voices an opinion about what Carl should do with his teddy bear, or prompts the children’s vivid imaginations to go wild, but ultimately, the decision on whether or not to take Mister Teddy to school is Carl’s to make.

The Children’s Book, Never Take Mister Teddy to School, teaches children about the experience of the first day of school, and more importantly, teaches them about the importance of arriving at and making a decision.

In keeping with the consistent message of the series, a recognizable and diverse cross section of society is introduced with a passion by illustrator, Richard Rodriguez, and in the cases of Mr. Soul Bunny; Miss Wanda Li the Hairdresser and Juan the Barber, reintroduced.  Readers get an opportunity to get to know Miss Millie, the Crossing Guard, and Evan, Carl & Jessica’s special needs friend.

In the end – Carl fails to disappoint no one, and makes his decision, and it turns out to be the decision directly in front of him.