“Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken” (Book 3)

A Downloadable Children’s Book Mega Picture Book Releasing Soon on Amazon

Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken is book 3 of The Never Stories releasing soon on Amazon; written by Rivka Simons and Maurice DeFalco Stuckey, illustrated by Richard Rodriguez. Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken teaches children about the importance of compassion throughout all obstacles. Carl, Jessica and Evan’s classmate, Kenley who is transgender, transitions from Kenley to Ken in the course of a year, and friendships evolve simultaneously.

Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken is a Children’s Book releasing soon on Amazon depicting reoccurring characters, Jessica, Carl and Evan, as they try to find their places in the sports world from a child’s perspective.

The Amazon Children’s Book, Never Try to Take a Ball Away from Ken, teaches children about fair play, compassion, goals and transgender friendships.

In keeping with the consistent message of the series, a recognizable and diverse cross-section of society is visited with a passion by illustrator, Richard Rodriguez, and in the cases of reoccurring local community characters, Mr. Soul Bunny; Miss Wanda Li-the Hairdresser and Juan-the Barber, are as ready as usual with their advice. Readers get to know Evan, Jessica & Carl’s special needs friends, as well as their newest friend, “Ken”.

In the end –Ken learns the value of friendships and that change is constant. Ken learns that he does not have to be larger than life to feel alive, and can be comfortable with himself – the boy he truly is.