Today’s Youth and Families

Today’s Youth, LLC is based in Hartford, extending clinical counseling and court-ordered supervised visitation services throughout the entire Greater Hartford, Meriden, Bristol, and New Britain areas of Connecticut.

Today’s Youth, LLC is comprised of a unified team of professionals sharing the common endeavor to provide compassionate intelligent and unparalleled human services, while gaining the trust and respect of the individuals and families we serve. Our staff a group of highly trained professionals that are as diverse as the population we proudly serve. We offer bilingual (English/Spanish) services.

The need for behavioral healthcare is most frequently detected within the home, during day-to-day living. Family members are generally the first to see symptoms demonstrated when there is turmoil in home life, but not always understanding with precisely what they are witnessing. Symptoms can be intimidating and confusing. Compounding that confusion is that no two cases are the same. Each case is as unique as a thumbprint, so there is no textbook with a chapter on your circumstances; however, regardless of the situation, Today’s Youth, LLC clinical counselors are trained, educated, and ready to assist in finding solutions which will render a more peaceful household, alleviate stress and bring family units closer together.

The success of Today’s Youth, LLC is determined by achieving our mission for permanent positive change in our community by offering a continuum of services for individuals at risk of or suffering from, mental, behavioral, or addictive disorders. We are people – providing services for people – to people. We will transform the world, and are willing to achieve our collective goal – one individual – one family – and one case at a time.

TYLLC accepts Husky Insurance, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield along with most types of benefit plans. TYLLC offers:

In-home psycho-therapy approach to counseling focused on assisting youth, their parents, and/or other caregivers toward obtaining an optimal mental health status and improved behavioral functioning within residential, community, and school environments.

Academically qualified and experienced clinicians, a collaborative approach to counseling families by which we develop and implement individualized and evidence-based treatment plans.

TYLLC also completes the intake process with perspective clients and families prior to assigning clinicians to optimize effectiveness of treatment; therapeutic interventions are implemented in counseling using proven techniques; family-centered programming which emphasizes a supportive and nurturing approach to treatment and services and flexibility in scheduling to accommodate clients’ needs.