Personalized Services for CT Residential, Commercial and Small Business

Cleaning services

Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning

Everyone wants the haven where they eat, sleep, and relax to be beautiful.

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Houses of Worship Cleaning Services

Houses of Worship and Cleanliness is a symbolically linked to spiritual purity. We respect the sacred importance and fragility of religious furnishings and artifacts.

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Small Business Cleaning

Every cleaning job is customized for the customer’s business or residence. No job is too great or too small.

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Interior Building Cleaning

When you own a building, it is very important to maintain it. No one likes to enter a building that is not maintained.

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Standard Commercial Cleaning

A clean office is essential to making that great first impression on your clients.

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Restroom Sanitization and Cleaning

A quick and regular cleaning solution is essential as all restroom needs.

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Standard Floor, Vacuum and Dusting Cleaning

Mopping is not the only method for keeping your floors dust and particle-free.

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Proud operator of the Clorox® Total 360® System

Here at Stanker Corporation, we are happy that we can assist our customers in times of outbreaks.

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