About Us

Maurice DeFalco Stuckey and Joyce Fay Anderson have been business partners since 2006 with their first venture; start-up company, Today’s Youth, LLC, and the mission of Today’s Youth’s is as follows:

Today’s Youth, LLC is a Hartford based, behavioral health agency, providing in-home counseling services; outpatient in-office counseling and court-ordered supervised visitation services. The success of Today’s Youth, LLC is determined by achieving our mission for permanent positive change in our community by offering a continuum of services for individuals at risk of or suffering from, mental, behavioral, or addictive disorders. We are people – providing services for people – to people. We will transform the world, and are willing to achieve our collective goal – one individual – one family – and one case at a time.

Maurice DeFalco Stuckey and Joyce Fay Anderson went on to form their second company in 2014, DeFalco Media Factory, LLC (formally known as DeFalco Music Factory, LLC). DeFalco Media Factory is a multi-media company, working for not just the consumer, but the artist, as well. DeFalco Media Factory’s mission is as follows:

DeFalco Media Factory consists of a collaboration of entertainment industry professionals brought together by the collective goal of revolutionizing the business of multi-media entertainment, along with the practices of traditional multi-media companies. DeFalco Media Factory forms partnerships with lyricists, composers, authors, screenwriters, playwrights, artists and illustrators, directors, actors and producers. These partnerships are valued based upon the time, creativity and talent invested. With integrity and without hindsight, The Factory operates while hearing our own promises. DeFalco Media Factory work for their partners, and those blessed, creative souls, in turn, work toward a final product worthy of their public.

All of Maurice DeFalco Stuckey and Joyce Fay Anderson companies; i.e., “The Stanker Corporation”; “Today’s Youth, LLC”; “iBILLED” and “DeFalco Media Factory” make it a priority to conduct business while striving to ensure an honest and lasting relationship with each and every party concerned.

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