Restroom Sanitization and Cleaning Service

A quick and regular cleaning solution is essential as all restroom needs. Sometimes we need to pay more attention to those things through proper sanitizing. As the restroom is used regularly, it should be free from bacteria, fungus, and any unexpected odor.

Eventually one day in a week you should provide your bathroom proper refreshment. Follow the below-mentioned step by step analysis to know about some tips and tricks to have a shining and odor-free bathroom.

Focus on Cleaning Tile Grout

  • If your restroom has tile grout, keep this scrubbed and free of mildew and soap scum. Focus on giving it a good wash once a week.
  • For bleaching, you may use household chlorine with a measured quantity of water. You may use the kitchen cleaner and scent bath also for this purpose. Brush the surfaces regularly by focusing on small areas. Be conscious about not to scatter the liquid all around the restroom.

Clean the Sink

  • The sink is the heart of the restroom where thousands of germs breed. You keep essential things there like soap, hair strands, toothpaste stand, etc. Follow the way to have a clean sink as well.
  • Use Lysol as a disinfectant restroom cleaner and wipe it with sponge or a fresh, unused cloth. Also, you should spray it in faucet handles and let it remain wet a few times to kill the germs.


  • Who does not want a clean and germ-free toilet? It gives a sense of confidence and pride to see a sparkling white shiny toilet before using it. Follow-up with these basic steps for easy cleaning.
  • Apply the cleaning liquid for five minutes inside the toilet bowl. Then be ready to clean it thoroughly with a stiff toilet cleaning brush and flush.
  • Wipe up the whole toilet seat with a disinfectant cleaner and remember to clean the toilet brush after using and let it air dry.

Clean the Bathroom Floor

  • Do not get distracted by the shine. People, who only see the shine of the bathroom floor, very often overlook the hidden residue which can be a breeding ground for germs. Use cleaners with low lather/suds to clear the hidden dirt and residue.
  • Use the CLR bath as well as kitchen cleaners there as there are safe to use for the surface. For removing the sticky dirt use soft scrub bleaching there and wipe it out.


  • Cleaning the bathtub is especially important as our bodies bathe there. Go ahead and add an advanced step in your cleaning plan to clean the tub regularly.
  • Spray the liquid inside the tub and wipe out the soapy bubbles. Follow these steps and disinfect the restroom as you wash.